September 2005

I have to go to the bathroom. Back shortly…


WordPress is cool, but all these applications on The Internets seem to have a ‘Dashboard’ nowadays. WordPress needs to stand out!

I think the WordPress Dashboard needs a steering wheel. And a speedometer, definitely a speedometer, to show you how fast you are posting!

Somebody make some cool interface with Flash that has lots of numbers and gauges that move around.

It also needs an airbag, just in case the server ever crashes. We don’t want anyone getting hurt!

In WordPress there is this thing labelled ‘Post slug.’

I think it should have an icon. Maybe a slimy little slug at a keyboard. He could be Sluggy the WordPress Slug. WordPress needs a cool mascot. Ain’t nothing cooler than a slug.

Go Sluggy! Post insightful thoughts to The Internets!

I’m considering forking WordPress into WeepPress, which will be a GPL’d weblogging system for people who like to sit at home and cry a lot…

And occasionally post thing on The Internets…

Just a thought…

(Also considering a fork called WhorePress, which is slightly different…)

More about dates!

Those people who use 1-11-05 or even 1-11-2005 or even 01-11-2005 – you all suck! You probably live in the U.S. and think eveyone else does to!

You need to do it like so: 2005-01-11. (YYYY-MM-DD)

As previously mentioned, you need 4 digits for the year…

And as for the 01-11 part, is that January 11th, or November 1st? Believe it or not, you will get different answers depending on who you ask. Silly United Statesians, you should consider your European friends, or don’t be surprised when they are nearly 10 months late with your birthday present.

I like that it says 2005. I hate when people use 05 or ’05 or whatever.

Those people will be in hell.

They won’t go to hell, but they will be in hell sometime after 2105 when they can’t figure out what year something is from.

Mark my words, use 4 digit years when referencing dates!


Ok, putting aside the stuff I’ve come across so far, I’m going to just write a long post. Ignoring the geeky stuff I tried earlier, and still using the ‘poor visual editor’ (at first anyway…)

Computers are neat things. They let us do all sorts of fun stuff, but some people don’t like computers… What’s up with that!?

I mean, come one people, computers are your friend. I mean, if you have no real friends, and are lonely, well, try making friends with a computer. It might work.

Of course if you have real friends (you know, other human beings, or at least apes smart enough to use The Internets) you could chat with them and make weblogs/blogs/journals and comment and trackback each other. Ouch! I just got trackbacked! We all know how painful that can be…


In summary, this post was not that long, but come one, I got other things do to too you know!

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