October 2005

Welcome nifkin, to the WORLD of WORDPRESS.COM!

Now to continue in the experimentation of the exploitation of the explanation of the declassification of the… tired… sleep now…


Man, that Ajax stuff is wacky, Ajaxy, Wajxy!

Gotta write some of that stuff…


I be postin’ a photo!

WordPress.com was slow, really slow… Like REALLLLLLY SLOOOOOOOOOW…

Blame Scoble?

Wait a minite? Does this WordPress.com support The OPML?

Does it?

Come on… I need answers!

I’m just a simple user, but how can I be expected to use WordPress.com if it does not do the right thing and support The OPML!?

Don’t you guys realize how important The OPML is!?!?!?