January 2006

I wrote the title as:

Another (less than) title (greater than) bites the dust…

Let’s see what happens!


What good is the wisdom of a fool?

Some people just like to hear themselves talk… but then there are those that are convinced they are dispensing the ultimate wisdom with every word…

Please stop…

Really, come on now. That’s a feeble attempt.

TODO: Submit more bug reports.

(Everyone loves bug reports!)

I think I’d find “Americans” less offensive is I could decide if they were just being arrogant or ignorant.

We need a new word to describe them, airgnorant should work.

Words I need to use more often:

  1. lift
  2. dustbin
  3. bugger
  4. tosser
  5. rubbish
  6. biscuit


The title should be ampersand l t ; title ampersand g t ; (no spaces)

Phil thinks that will work…

What will the Post Slug be?

I think that one worked!

Trying again…

This should be ampersand l t ; title ampersand r t ; (no spaces)


Did it work?

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