You know how people always say “Free as in beer, not free as in speech” and think that makes sense?

Well it doesn’t. It’s stupid.

See, you want free beer, right? That’s the idea… But that’s no good. You don’t want free beer because that’s like wanting something that is free but has some string attached, like hanging out with your loser friend (who is not really your friend, and in fact is someone you hate) just because they have beer.

You want free speech, because that is “Freedom 0” my friends… That is what you want!

So really, it should be “Free as in ‘a punch in the face’, not free as in speech.”

Because while we all want free speech, there are very few people who actually want a punch in the face, free or otherwise.

(As for the people who do want free punches in the face. I’d be happy to oblige!)