February 2006

He who chooses proprietary solution when open standard could have been implemented: FOOL

He who spends all sorts of time trying to solve problem for users of the proprietary solution they chose while the open standards solutions are numerous and free: BIG FOOL



  1. deerfood
  2. food
  3. fooder
  4. foodful
  5. foodless
  6. foodlessness
  7. foodstuff
  8. foody
  9. nonfood
  10. unfoodful


I cannot swim, please help me!

Sometimes I think the barriers to entry are so low, people end up tripping over them…

bump [a]head

Please help me…. about to enter the world of THE JAVA!

I fear there is no return…

I’ll miss my camel most of all…

revolves around the sun, eh?

Too many WP passwords!!!

Huzzah! No time for any update!

Must go register evilsearchcompany.com

For my new company, a search engine that wants to be evil… EEEEEVILLLLL!!!