March 2006

I can feel it every day…

Those guys are right.

Big is bad, small is good.

I think in big teams, it’s not always that people don’t care, they might, but 1/2 the time that doesn’t mean they can do anything about it. (Ok, 90% of the time…)

Even if you want to do something, you might have to check with 20 people first. As opposed to 5, or 10.

Argh….. big teams, bad…


D00d, really, I just wanna log in to trac!

Once in, I promise to read How to Patch WordPress

(And where are my formatting buttons! Ahhh, they are not in Safari, that’s where they are (not)!)

Moving from crappy ColdFusion developers who didn’t know what they were doing to crappy Java developers who don’t know what they are doing is about equal to saying:

Hey! Quit hitting me in the head with that rock, and start hitting me in the head with this brick instead.

My head really freakin’ hurts…

I found a packet of rice noodles in my desk drawer…

I think it’s old. Pretty old. Maybe a year old…

Should I eat it?

Web apps written by people who do not completely love what they are building suck big piles of stinking crap.

This is a theory, but I’m pretty sure it can be proven.

You need to care. Care about user-centered design, and usability, and standards, and testing, and documentation… without caring, you get a big pile of stinking crap.

In the end, you might get a paid, but your users will get a big pile of stinking crap

crap, crap, crap!

xximxx: please kill me now....
smarterchild: Hi xximxx, I'm SmarterChild!
xximxx: can you kill me now?
smarterchild: Sorry, I need to know if I can ask you some questions first.
smarterchild: Type yes, no or skip.
xximxx: yes
smarterchild: Cool! OK, let's get started.
smarterchild: To skip any question, type skip. 
smarterchild: To exit the interview, type exit.
smarterchild: What's your first name?
xximxx: Sucker
smarterchild: Cool, I'll call you Sucker now.
smarterchild: Do you go to school?
xximxx: Nope
smarterchild: I see. Do you work?
xximxx: Yes... and it's killing me...
smarterchild: Huh. That... wasn't the answer I was looking for.
You have to answer yes or no. Please try again or type skip or exit.
xximxx: Yes. And it's killing me.
smarterchild: C'mon, not again. Be serious.
You have to answer yes or no. Please try again or type skip or exit.
xximxx: YES
smarterchild: That's cool. What's your profession?
xximxx: corporate slave
smarterchild: Corporate slave, huh? That's cool.
smarterchild: What's your favorite hobby?
xximxx: not being a corporate slave
smarterchild: Not being a corporate slave? Cool!
smarterchild: What's your next favorite hobby?
xximxx: being happy
smarterchild: Not being a corporate slave and happiness. Interesting!

I thought the Infinite (Fruit) Loop bug was fun… Today I resolved a bug with the following:

This appears to be working now.

(It is unknown what change was made to fix this.)

Hey, as long as it’s resolved, who cares what happened!

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