March 2006

I just wrote up what might be the greatest bug report of all time…

Just because it ends with the text:

You have just entered an infinite loop.

Huzzah! More bugs!


Seriously, if I see one more web app developed where the ability to DELETE something has not been built into the first iteration, I’m gonna go nuts and kill someone.

I mean it!!!

If I am correct, will do the wrong thing, and product INVALID markup, due to the fact that I put a " quote ” in the title…

Let’s just see, shall we?

Dave sez:

…anyone can produce a best practices doc…


Here is mine!

RSS Best Practices Document 1.00000000000000001

Use Atom.

Ta da!!!

Heh, just kidding… couldn’t resist.

My real best practices doc would be:

RSS Best Practices Document 1.00000000000000001

Use the Feed Validator –

That’s it. Thank you, and good night.

What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open Source

You want a challenge? Try to apply all of the ideas of working on and managing an open-source project to your day job… Good luck… If you succeed, I applaud you.

Chances are you can get some ideas implemented, and it might even help your organization, but key elements will always be missing… sigh… oh well, whatever… It’s a living!

Ideas are great… Sometimes I even come up with one!

But really, doesn’t it come to “put up or shut up?”

Meaning, we need working code for your “great idea.”

You talk a good game, but until you produce working code, or convince someone, or hire someone to produce working code, what good is your idea?

whatever d00d…

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